Corporate Governance

The governance system of TNT Express is a two-tier board, comprising an Executive Board entrusted with the executive management, under the supervision of a Supervisory Board.

Shareholders meetings, during which the annual report and related issues are discussed and the financial statements are adopted, are held at least once a year.

Certain corporate decisions need to be approved by the Supervisory Board. For a list of these decisions please see article 26 of the Articles of Association.

  • Corporate Governance Code

    As long as Shares are listed on Euronext Amsterdam, TNT Express shall continue to adhere to the Dutch Corporate Governance Code except for (i) current deviations from the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, and (ii) deviations from the Dutch Corporate Governance Code that find their basis in the Merger Protocol signed between FedEx and TNT Express. Upon delisting of the Shares from Euronext Amsterdam, the Dutch Corporate Governance Code will no longer be applicable to TNT Express.

    Dutch Corporate Governance Code
    De Nederlandse corporate governance code


  • Articles of Association

    The Articles of Association of TNT Express N.V., having its corporate seat in Amsterdam, can be downloaded here. Please note that the English version is a translation of the original and authentic Dutch text.

    TNT Express Statuten
    TNT Express Articles of Association 

    Amendments to the Articles of Association

    Amendments to TNT Express' Articles of Association can take place on a proposal of the Executive Board approved by the Supervisory Board and adopted by the General Meeting of Shareholders.

    A proposal to amend the Articles of Association must be stated in a notice convening a General Meeting of Shareholders or announced subsequently by publication in a nationally distributed daily newspaper and in the Official Price List of Euronext Amsterdam, or in such manner as shall be permitted by law at any time.

Page publication date: 25 May 2016 10:15 CET