Risk Management

The development of TNT's business and supporting financial and corporate responsibility strategies are not without risk. Risk management is a key process and an essential element of the company’s governance.

Risk factors

Risks have been classified by the COSO ERM risk categories and divided into
specific and inherent risks. Specific risks are risks that the Executive Board believes could negatively impact short–term to medium-term objectives. Inherent risks are risks that are constantly present in the business environment and are considered sufficiently material to require disclosure and management.

Doing business inherently involves taking risks. By managing these risks, TNT Express strives to secure a sustainable performance. Therefore, TNT Express operates a risk management framework that allows management to tolerate risks in a controlled manner, which is an essential element of its corporate governance and strategy development.

The Executive Board, supported by senior management and dedicated risk management employees, is responsible for identifying, prioritising and mitigating risks and for the establishment and maintenance of a robust risk management system.

TNT Express NV Risk Profile (pdf)


Page publication date: 16 February 2016 11:50 CET