The business principles that guide ...

Our Company


- Complies with the laws, rules, regulations and financial reporting requirements of the countries in which it conducts business.

Provides full, fair, accurate, timely and understandable disclosures in its financial and public reporting.

Communicates openly and transparently with its customers, employees, shareholders and society while giving due respect to confidentiality.

Does not intervene in political matters, nor make gifts or donations to political parties, but will voice opinions on social, environmental and regulatory matters.

Provides its employees with safe and healthy working conditions that are free from harassment.

Pursues best practices and complies with and where reasonably possible, exceeds laws and regulations in the areas of health, safety and environment.

- Deploys policies that prevent, identify and eliminate hazards in its business operations and continually measures and assesses its safety and environmental performance with a view to further improvement.


Our Employees


Seeks to attract, develop, reward and retain outstanding and
accountable individuals who appreciate the value of working
as a team.

 - Creates equal opportunities for all its employees without
regard to age, disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, race,
religion or sexual orientation.

Treats all people fairly, with consideration and respect and
does not accept forced labour or child labour.

 - Supports the right of its employees to a reasonable
work life balance and fair wages.

 - Facilitates means for employee association and the right
of collective bargaining.

 - Does not tolerate fraud, corruption, theft or any misuse
of company assets.

TNT Employees

- Continually work to deliver outstanding performance for the
company and meet or exceed the expectations of customers,
shareholders, business partners and colleagues.

- Comply with TNT health and safety policies and take
responsibility for maintaining personal well-being and work
life balance to minimize sickness and injury.

- Avoid personal activities, financial involvement and business
interests which could conflict with their responsibilities to
TNT or damage the reputation of TNT.

- Do not use company assets for unauthorised personal benefit.

- Do not seek, provide or accept improper personal benefits
such as gifts and entertainment.

- Do not seek, pay or accept bribes.

- Show an active interest in the TNT business activities, express
their observations and raise questions where appropriate.




Our Business


- Strives to provide the most reliable and efficient solutions to its

- Safeguards property and information entrusted to TNT.

- Supports open and fair competition and does not use unethical
practices to obtain competitive advantage.

- Expects its business partners to comply with its Business


Our relationship with the world in which we operate

- TNT supports and strives to implement measures and
improvements that can lead to environmental and social benefits
within the scope of its business.