Franz Edelman Award

TNT Express has won the most prestigious award in the field of operations research: the Franz Edelman Award 2012.

The Edelman Award, awarded by INFORMS, is considered the highest honour in the field of operations research, the discipline of applying advanced analytical methods, such as modelling, to help make better decisions. TNT Express routinely uses such tools to enhance its transportation networks, resulting in more efficient routes and lower mileage.

The awarded Global Optimisation (GO) Programme (pdf) covers multiple aspects of TNT's operations, including site location planning, optimal truck routing, fleet management and staff scheduling. TNT Express has by now carried out over 100 network optimisation projects worldwide, saving 60 mln km of mileage, 283 million kg of CO2 emissions and € 207 mln in four years time.

To meet the demand for qualified operation managers, TNT Express has teamed up with ORTEC and Tilburg University/TiasNimbas Business School (Netherlands) to create the GO Academy, a two-year management development program in transportation network optimization. Since 2008, the training has been delivered to more than 200 managers from TNT - who also assist the World Food Programme in optimising their distribution systems.

  • GO Programme explained



    Chris Goossens, Director Global Networks and Operations
    BNR Radio "Zaken doen met..", 27 August 2012
    (Dutch only)


    Four articles on the aspects of the GO Programme EN NL
    Reaping the rewards of Operations Research
    Operations Research (OR) is a discipline that deals with the application of advanced analytical methods to help make better decisions. Businesses which adopt OR practices successfully can reap the long-term rewards – and not just financially. This series of articles charts TNT’s journey to optimisation excellence with the help of Tilburg University, TiasNimbas business school and ORTEC, how, it has delivered global network savings of €207 million and reduced CO2 emissions by 283 million kilograms.


    The appliance of science to make the right decisions
    The power of mathematical modelling in business, and the applied science that is known as Operations Research, cannot be underestimated in today’s economic environment. It is already
    used in many every day applications such as configuring computers and moving traffic efficiently.



    Optimising supply chains: a TNT Case Study
    Business optimisation is not all about minimising risks, losses and costs whilst maximising performance, yields and profits. TNT Express is using Operations Research to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and its global carbon footprint on its logistics networks, as well as to assist its long-term humanitarian partner, the UN’s World Food Programme, with the redesign of food aid supply chains.


    TNT’s dedicated "GO Academy" transforms business success
    TNT has developed a smart learning solution called the GO Academy. It’s a two-year modular programme that enables senior and middle managers across the organisation to learn the principles, tools and modelling techniques behind Operations Research and then use those skills to deliver real Global Optimisation (GO) business cases. It’s been so impressive that in just two years, TNT has netted €9 million in supply chain savings (a multiple of the investment) purely from the implementation of the GO Academy’s student "Mastercases".


Page publication date: 27 August 2012 10:00 CET