About a myTNT account

When you open a myTNT account, you can manage and monitor every package you send in one place, online.

Free, easy and secure

You can have a myTNT account with us whether you send items frequently or infrequently. It's free to sign up and you don't have to install any software. myTNT is accessible from our home page.

Advanced shipping for all

With a myTNT account you can:

  • set up a shared account for multiple users or individual accounts
  • store addresses for regular shipments
  • see your own shipping rates displayed when booking
  • print and sign documentation before pick-up
  • receive email confirmation of your request
  • track and trace all shipments from one place
  • View and download Proof of Delivery (PoD) signature images. To learn more about the benefits of PoD signature images, click here
  • Coordinate receiver pays imports online with TNT Express Import

myTNT Helpful Hints

Express Import

Express Import is a new feature of myTNT that allows you to coordinate all your receiver pays imports online. With Express Import you can liaise online with your supplier, approve quotes and select a TNT import service. You will have complete visibility of your import through our online track-and-trace function. You will also have the added assurance of knowing that TNT's customs experts will be ushering your goods through customs on your behalf.

Find out more about TNT Express Import here.

Getting started with myTNT