TNT AUSTRALIA - International Fuel Surcharge

Effective International Fuel Surcharge Rate

From 28 June 2015 to 01 August 2015: 18.20%
From 02 August 2015 to 29 August 2015: 17.70%

Frequently asked questions & answers regarding the international fuel surcharge:

What is the TNT fuel surcharge?
The fuel surcharge is a charge applied by TNT which reflects a range of fuel cost related factors including movements in the domestic price of diesel and jet fuel and international linehaul fuel surcharges from time to time and the proportion of TNT's direct costs accounted for by fuel costs.

These prices can fluctuate enormously over time.

How does the fuel surcharge work?
An international consignment has both a domestic and international component.  Accordingly, on a monthly basis, TNT applies an international fuel surcharge based on a weighted average of:

  • its Domestic Fuel Surcharge (see further information on this website); and
  • international linehaul fuel surcharges.

From time to time, TNT will also assess the proportion of its direct costs accounted for by fuel costs which may affect the fuel surcharge.

How often will the TNT international fuel surcharge change?
TNT’s fuel surcharge is updated monthly.

How will customers know the amount of next month's surcharge?
TNT will advise the following month's fuel surcharge on this website.

Why do I (as the customer) have to find out myself via the internet that the fuel surcharge has changed?
The fuel surcharge changes on a monthly basis. 

The revised fuel surcharge is communicated via the internet as it is a quick and readily accessible means of communicating the new surcharge to customers and employees of the customers, to enable them to inform themselves about the shipping costs.