World Food Programme

“I know how vital these funds can be and I am enormously proud that our people continue to show their never ending support for such a worthy cause".

Simon Harper, Director of Operations, TNT Express UK

World Food Programme

As the largest humanitarian aid agency on the planet, the World Food Programme provides aid to an average of 90million people in over 80 countries. TNT, as a global service provider, immediately recognised the synergies with WFP and saw the rich potential of exploiting skills to help the worldwide community in which we operate.

The support the company offers comes in cash and logistics.  The remarkable partnership stretches back to 2002 when the company adopted the title 'Moving the World' - a very apt description given TNT's knowledge, skills and resources which are used to help the work of the WFP, including the delivery of food and supplies to disaster areas around the globe.

TNT's expertise and resources, aligned to the requirements of the WFP , enable the company to engage with its people in a programme that ultimately facilitates and encourages developing nations to become more self-sustaining. As well as practical support, TNT also work in tandem with the WFP in raising awareness of global hunger bringing it to the attention of Governments, leaders of industry and the public.

TNT's annual fundraising focuses on a specifically themed 'Fight Hunger Week' - an initiative that encourages employees to participate, raise money for the WFP and boost awareness and understanding via media opportunities.

In 2011 the UK business donated £35,000 to WFP. It costs just 7p-per-day to feed and educate a child in Tanzania - that's just £25-a-year to keep a malnourished youngster alive and receptive to new learning.

Activity around Fight Hunger week centred on a top UK chef preparing a less than typical meal using only the bare ingredients available to communities in Africa.

Other fundraising activities have included a 'virtual' bike ride spanning the length of Britain, charity pool tournaments, netball competitions, pyjama days, quizzes, mega raffles, a weight-lifting challenge, head and chest shaving, leg waxing, car washing, throwing wet sponges at the boss, swear boxes and sponsored hikes.

"We have a strong corporate responsibility ethos and our support for the WFP is a key element in what we do. Our employees never cease to amaze me with their generosity and willingness to help those most in need in society," said Simon Harper, Director of Operations, who has visited Tanzania to see at first hand the WFP work in Africa. "I know how vital these funds can be and I am enormously proud that our people continue to show their never ending support for such a worthy cause."