Our Promises

Here at TNT, the people mean everything.

·          We promise a friendly voice at the end of the phone

The friendly voice of a real person who knows what he or she is talking about - and who first and foremost listens to you.  That's what we promise whenever you call our UK based customer service centres.

·          We promise to resolve problems promptly

Sometimes, we make mistakes.  Other times, for whatever reason, things go wrong.  As soon as we know there's a problem, we act.  We explain exactly what steps we'll take to rectify the situation, and we give you regular progress reports as we go through those steps.  More often than not, there's a happy ending.  That's because we go to great lengths and do our very, very best to resolve the situation to your satisfaction.

·          We promise to look after you

Whether you send lots or just a little with us, you have a named account manager to look after you.  They will get to know you, your business and what you expect from us.  They will also talk straight, sort things out and look after your interests with the right solutions at the best value.

·          We Promise our driver will do you proud

Professional and presentable, courteous and careful.  That's the impression our drivers will leave with you.  Just as important - if not more so - it's exactly the same when they deliver on your behalf to your customers.

·          We promise you flexibility

We have systems and processes.  But we also have flexible and experienced people with a willing attitude and a must-get-through approach, who deliver the solution you need.

·          We promise to keep it simple

We work on a simple theory.  The easier we make it to use us, the more you'll want to.  That's why we provide you with labour saving software solutions, plus online services that are straight forward to access and use.

·          We promise not to over-promise

We can move shipments of all shapes and sizes, nationwide and worldwide, against the most challenging deadlines.  It's rare that we can't meet your request - but we'll never say we can do something, when we know we can't.

·          We promise to listen and learn

We're good but we can always be better.  We want to hear your opinions and views about us and how we perform.  We listen to what you say, and use it to improve what we do.  It's continuous improvement through customer involvement.  So don't hold back - feed back.

·          We promise we know what planet we're on

We're a transport company.  We recognise that we are part of the problem of carbon emissions and climate change, so we must be part of the solution.  Our target is to become the world's first carbon neutral transport company, and that's why we invest so much time, money and effort in alternative fuels, electric vehicles, green offices and depots, and generally working cleaner.

·          We promise to keep our promises

No extra words here, no standards to live up to...just a simple statement that sums it all up and rounds it all off.  It may be the final promise, but it's a great place to start.