International Rules & Regulations

Follow the rules to avoid delays

International shipments can be affected by a number of factors, including export controls, international sanctions, safety measures and security concerns. Read on to find out what’s required so you can avoid unnecessary delays on to your parcel delivery.

Export control

TNT is a trusted partner in your supply chain when affected by export controls and ongoing international sanctions.   Learn more about exporting to individual countries here

Dangerous goods

Take advantage of TNT’s expertise and allow us to handle dangerous goods for shipment by road and air to more than 200 countries.  Learn more...


We ensure the highest standards of security throughout the shipment process and around the world.  Learn more...


Harmonised system (HS) codes are required for all international shipments that will have to clear customs. They let officials at the border know exactly what types of goods are coming into the country. Ensuring the HS code is visible on your commercial invoice is a simple way to avoid delays – and surprise charges.  Find HS code

What you can and can't ship

As long as it’s legal, we can help you ship almost anything to almost anywhere. However, there are some goods that are completely prohibited or restricted to some international destinations or in certain quantities. Find out what you can ship (and what you can't) here


Add your HS code to your commercial invoice and avoid any suprise charges.

Learn more about HS Code