Ship your package in 5 easy steps

Here's how:

As a business you’ll want to post parcels quickly and easily, but it might be the case that you’re not sure how to send a package or how to book a courier. This is where TNT’s five easy steps for posting a parcel can help you out, no matter where you’re looking to ship a package to. Take a look below to find out what you need to do and to discover how to post a parcel with us.


Where Are You Shipping?

Firstly, to post parcels for your business we need to know precisely where we need to pick-up and deliver. As TNT serves more than 200 countries worldwide, we’re confident we’ll be able to pick-up from your premises or import your shipments from abroad.

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What are you shipping?

Next, when posting a parcel, you’ll need to specify the dimensions, weight and description of the goods as packed. Our range of services can handle virtually any shipment you require.

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Choose your speed

With TNT you'll be offered relevant services and delivery speeds to choose from. These will depend on your location and what the consignments are, so when you’re looking into how to ship a package using our services, make sure you have this information available.

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Book a pickup

After this, you need to choose a convenient time slot for our driver to pick up your shipment. You can even specify an ideal time such as your lunch break, so we don't turn up when you're unavailable. This is just another example of how TNT go the extra mile when you post parcels with us.

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Track & Pay

Another advantage to posting a parcel with us, is that when your shipment is underway, you can track it in real-time, meaning you will always know where it is and its delivery status. When it has arrived, our Online Billing services then streamline the administration process.

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Track a shipment


Including an HS Code on your commercial invoice is a simple way to avoid unnecessary delays and surprise charges.

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