TNT Pallet Delivery Service

At TNT we know how important delivering your parcels on time is. That’s why our delivery service for larger shipments is fast, efficient and affordable.

Pallet deliveries are critical to the efficiency of your business and without them arriving when you expect, things can grind to a halt in a number of industries. That’s why our services are one of the best in UK.  For all of your essential pallet shipping needs, we’ve got it covered, delivering to both customers and distributers on time and at a great price.


As an experienced courier, we understand the high demand on pallets and that’s why we provide a service that’s both easy, fast and simple to use. When you use our pallet delivery service you won’t be disappointed; our cheap, reliable and professional service is faultless.


International Pallet Delivery

We’ve taken our pallet delivery service even further by launching international delivery. This means that you can put your trust in TNT far and wide when you need to send pallets overseas, so that goods arrive on time and in perfect condition. For large and heavy items, using our cheap pallet service is the best way to send your goods to ensure they arrive safely and just how you intended at their final destination. For more information on how to pack your, click here.


For a delivery service you know you can depend on choose TNT. For more details on our services, contact our expert customer services team on 0800 100 600.

How to Pack a Pallet

We understand that sometimes things don’t go to plan and pallets can become damaged or misplaced, more often than not this can be a result of pallets not being protected properly.


We deliver more than a million shipments every day in perfect condition, and we want to give you all the support you need to ensure your pallet is one of these shipments.