Send a Parcel to USA

if you’re looking to send a parcel to USA with your business, TNT are sure to have the delivery solutions you’re after.

Where do you want to ship?

The United States of America is one of the largest trading countries in the world and is also the second biggest manufacturer behind China, which certainly makes it an attractive prospect for business trading. This essentially also means that there are plenty of opportunities on offer for your business to get involved with, but equally there’s a large demand for goods. Plus, there’s the advantage of being able to work with a country that has a shared language and that has similar cultural attitudes to the UK.

With this in mind then, if you’re looking to send a parcel to USA with your business or are in need of a means to make your postage to USA more affordable, TNT are sure to have the delivery solutions you’re after.


The TNT Advantage – Send a Parcel to USA

Despite the aforementioned shared language and cultural similarities, it’s still quite a sizeable task to get your goods to America; this is where TNT can help you. Not only do we have the skills, knowledge and logistics expertise needed to send a parcel to USA, you can count on us to get your items to your American customers securely and on time. We can also handle many of the more challenging aspects of sending your parcels outside of the EU, such as tackling the many rules and regulations of imports and exports. In addition to this, choosing TNT can bring you the following advantages:


  • Global reach to 200+ countries
  • Choose the speed you need
  • Time and day definite services
  • Clear cost breakdown
  • Collection time convenient for you

With these advantages comes our variety of delivery options to fit a variety of different consignments and logistical requirements. Choose from time-sensitive solutions, to deliveries for large and heavy goods and even tailored services to fit the needs of your business. You can get a quick, cheap quote online to send a parcel to USA here with our shipping services.


Shipping to USA?

The UK has the other advantage of being an established, major trading partner with the USA and every day millions of parcels pass between our nations. This is due in part to the fact that shipping items to America is largely similar to sending them within the EU.

However, it’s still important to be aware that to ensure you successfully post to USA with TNT, there are a few rules and regulations to which your consignments must adhere.


Important Customs Information for America

There are standard procedures required for sending goods to countries outside of the European Union and you can find a general overview here on our guide to exporting outside the EU. For a more detailed look at the specific requirements to send a parcel to USA we also have a useful guide for exporting to USA here.

As ever though, TNT are on hand to assist you with any questions or queries you might have regarding everything from our delivery options to the price of postage to USA. So get in touch with our teams to find out more, or to make your booking and we’ll have your goods on their way in next to no time.