We operate a vertical marketing strategy to meet the unique needs of the automotive companies we serve.  First and foremost, our automotive sector team is charged with the specific responsibility of developing our business in your industry.

Characteristics & Challenges

Our people know your business. And they are tasked to continually design individual new solutions for the automotive sector based on our extensive operations and technology platforms.

Below are a number of our solutions

Direct Express

  • Items are labelled with the end destination and prepared for collection at customers' premises
  • Collection starts a truck route that connects directly to TNT's domestic hub in the destination country
  • Our domestic transport system delivers each item door to door, on time and in perfect condition

Automotive Control Centres

A team of customer service representatives at our Automotive Control Centres provide a single point of contact and dedicated after sales support to meet your specific needs. (view PDF)

  • Automotive production plants requiring time-critical production parts (inbound flows)
  • Suppliers who send time-critical production parts to automotive production plants (outbound flows)

Inbound Materials Management

Our Emergency Inbound Materials Management solution for the automotive sector provides expedited pick up of urgent components from your suppliers for delivery to your assembly plants to avoid costly production stoppages and retrofits. (view PDF)

  • Taking in bound order requests
  • Verifying the availability of the material required with your suppliers
  • Executing the solution and proactively monitoring the shipment through to final delivery.

Aftermarket Parts Express

Our Aftermarket Parts Express solution for the automotive sector provides deliveries of urgent spare parts from your distribution centres direct to your dealers and warehouses. (view PDF)

Customers are becoming ever more demanding when it comes to aftersales parts delivery. They want to be able to place orders later and later in the day and demand early morning next day. Yet it is not always commercially viable to store all the required parts.  Aftermarket Parts Express can help to resolve this, by providing you with the latest possible collection times from your parts centre, and deliver direct across Europe early the next morning.

Time Critical Aftermarket

What is Time Critical Aftermarket?

Time Critical Aftermarket is a worldwide solution for TNT customers in the automotive sector who need to manage their time critical spare parts close to the point-of-need. TNT utilises its extensive depot network to create a global stock location capability that can be used to store your time critical spare parts, irrespective of the number of items that you wish to stock. 

(view PDF)

Merge in Transit

The following 4 steps detail how the process works:

  • Your customer asks for a multi-component order.
  • Suppliers from all over the world send the components to the TNT Value Added Service Centre.
  • The components are temporarily stored in the Value Added Service Centre. When complete, the components are merged into one shipment.
  • The shipment is then sent to the customer who ordered the product.  

(view PDF)

How can you benefit from a TNT Value Added Service Centre?

  • Reduced cycle times through late cut-off times and a direct feed into TNT's European Road and Air networks
  • Full supply chain visibility
  • Easy access to the EU market for automotive customers based outside Europe
  • Secure storage and distribution through TAPA-certified locations for temporary storage, depots and hubs
  • 24/7 availability
  • Reduction of inventory levels and inventory pipeline costs by centralising inventory and moving high value inventory out of the pipeline
  • Reduction of transportation and warehousing costs

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TNT Returns Express

Return for Repair 
Managing the return cycle of products returned for servicing or repair, including optional value added services such as central order intake, in-transit value added services and returns management.

Product Exchange
Managing the exchange of defective or recalled products for a new or replacement product. This includes optional value added services such as central order intake, product storage and returns management.

Product Return Exclusive
Managing the planned return of recalled products or products shipped to the end-customer for temporary use (product loans, spare parts, etc).

(view PDF)

TNT Returns Express, helping you plan and implement reverse logistics solutions that save you time and money while improving customer service and end-customer experience.

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