Medpak A

Medpak A is one of TNT's popular value-added solutions for our pharmaceutical and biomedical customers to ship ambient products.

It is an innovative packaging solution, designed to ensure the:

  • express distribution
  • security
  • safe handling and
  • priority treatment

of time-sensitive shipments of non-infectious specimens (such as test tube samples of blood and urine, classified as UN 3373, Biological Substance Category B).

Specifically developed for ambient diagnostic specimens, Medpak A comes with an A5 pouch that holds a 5 bay & pad absorbent. Medpak A secondary packaging meets all IATA 650 specifications, ensuring operator protection and compliance with all appropriate regulations.

Its unique and distinctive design also ensures immediate identification by TNT's systems - alerting staff to band priority treatment requirements, preventing delays and facilitating timely progress of related clinical trials.

Medpak A packages may also be tracked through our track & trace facilities, enabling medical investigators, central laboratories and pharmaceutical companies to follow the progress of their consignments in real time. 

Medpak A is available in the following size:
" 18.5 cm x 13 cm x 10 cm