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Send a Package

Q :  How do I arrange to send a shipment using TNT?

A :  You have two options.  If you are sending a one-off parcel and do not have an account with TNT you can use our simple online booking tool, TNT Direct.

  • Simple four step process
  • No need to register
  • Quick quote
  • Live chat facility
  • Quick and secure credit or debit card payment

If you already have an account with TNT you can sign in to your myTNT.  Manage your shipping and tracking needs in one place.

  • Fast shipping
  • Shipping history
  • Advanced tracking
  • Address book facility

If you would like to set up an account with myTNT click to register for myTNT.

All the information you will need to help you send a shipment can be found in our support section.

Q : Can you tell me what time my shipment will be collected?

A : 
To gain information of when your shipment will be collected, click contact us, and type in your booking reference number and postcode or account number and company name if no reference is available.

Q : What is the latest collection time for my area?

A : Click contact us and type in Booking Reference Number (if applicable), Company Name, Account Number,  Town and Postcode and we will confirm the latest time to you.

Q : How long will it take to deliver my shipment to another Country once it has been collected?

A : Click Check Transit Times for further details.

Q : How do I find out about shipping hazardous goods?

A :  Click contact us and type in your hazardous goods question.

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Track Shipment Status

Q : Can you tell me when my shipment will be delivered?

A :  To find out if your shipment has been delivered, who signed for it and other tracking information just type in your TNT consignment or your own reference number within our online track package tool.  When you are on the move you can also track your package with our mobile services.  Alternatively, contact our customer services team using the contact us link.

Q : How can I re-arrange a delivery of my shipment?

A : If the driver has already attempted delivery and left a card, then please click Re-delivery service.  If the driver has not yet attempted delivery  or you do not have a card, click contact us and type in your consignment note number or full delivery address.

Q :  Can I collect my shipment from your depot?

A :  Click contact us and type your TNT consignment note number or town delivery address and we will get back to you.

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Check Price

Q : Can I have a price for sending a shipment?

A : Click Check Price to calculate your shipping cost.

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New Customer

Q : How do I set up an account with TNT?

A : Click sales and type in your name, Company name, telephone number and postcode so one of our team can get back to you.  Alternatively click Calculate Price to generate a quotation.

Creating Shipping Documents

Q : What documents are needed to accompany my shipment?

A : All TNT Express shipments must be accompanied by a consignment note.  All shipments, except documents, that travel outside the European Union must also be accompanied by a commercial invoice.  For additional documentation requirements, advise can be given by your local Customs Office at 

Q : I need to send a shipment to a destination outside the European Union, so it must be accompanied by a commercial invoice.  How should it be prepared?

A: You can find clear guidelines for preparing commercial invoices on our Customs Requirements page.

Q : How do I check the tariff code for the shipment I am exporting?

A : We would advise you to visit the HM Revenue and Customs website where full details can be obtained.

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Pack and Label

Q : Where can I find advice on packaging and labelling my shipment?

A : You can find helpful packaging and labelling tips on our Packaging Advice page.  Should your shipment contain particularly valuable or delicate items, our Special Handling Services will take special care of them for you. 

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Q : Can my package be collected and delivered in two different countries, yet invoiced to a third country?

A : This is known as 3rd Country Billing and is possible through our Special Services team.  Click contact us and leave your name and telephone number so one of our team can get back to you.

Q : I need to understand my invoice, what can I do?

A : You can find a clear explanation on our Understanding Your Invoice section.

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Contact TNT

If you need further assistance please complete our contact us form and a TNT representative will contact you.

Q : I want to give TNT some feedback, what do I do?

A : Click contact us to give us your feedback.

Q : How can I speak to a specific person at TNT UK?

A : Click contact us and type in the persons name that you need to contact and one of our team will be in touch with you.

Q : Other than telephone, what other channels do TNT offer for communicating with their customers?

A : Click Mobile Services for our full range of channels.

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Terms and Conditions

Q : What are your Terms and Conditions of carriage?

A : Click Terms and Conditions for further details.

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