Enhanced Aviation Security Measures

Towards the end of 2010, several incidents occurred involving the international transportation by air of items containing 'improvised explosive devices' that directly led to a global tightening of Global Aviation Security Measures.

In addition to emergency legislative changes imposed by world governments, responsible companies such as TNT implemented additional measures to ensure that stringent security and screening processes are in place relating to the handling of air cargo. The aim is to meet and wherever possible exceed the current enhanced security requirements.

TNT Security Actions

TNT Express has taken the following actions to mitigate security risks:

  • Full compliance with all new national and international aviation, air cargo and other transportation regulatory requirements. 
  • Application of additional security measures when handling the shipments of new and unknown shippers. 
  • Enhancement of the employee and business partner security vetting and screening procedures. 
  • Implementation of additional screening measures for air freight. 
    Exhaustive threat and risk assessment of all TNT and partner facilities - air and road. 
  • Reinforcement of the security awareness programme for all operational staff involved in the transportation of goods and documents. 
  • Stepping up of our identification and security risks mitigation programs relating to our customers' shipments. 
  • Implementation of additional security procedures for third party/transportation companies shipping on behalf of their own customers through TNT.

TNT Enforced Bans & Restrictions

  • No exports from Yemen until further notice
  • No exports from Somalia

UK Government: Security Measures

During 2010, UK authorities introduced the following measures until further notice:

  • Unaccompanied shipments from Yemen and Somalia destined to or transiting the UK are suspended. 
  • Shipments destined for Yemen and Somalia picked up in the UK are unaffected.

US Government: Security Measures

The US Transportation Security Administration issued additional measures for the airline industry and freight forwarders to increase airline cargo security for all inbound aircraft to the United States. Those measures are reviewed by the Authorities on a regular basis and implemented accordingly. These restrictions also apply to freight transiting via the United States. TNT advises its customers that shipments consigned to the US may be affected by transit time delays as a result of the following directives, which are being enforced until further notice:

  • A full embargo on all cargo originating from, transferring from or transiting through Somalia. 
  • Extreme security measures on all cargo originating from, transferring from or transiting through Yemen. (Please note that a number of EU countries have introduced a full ban on Yemen exports, additionally TNT Express decided to impose a full ban on all cargo originating from, transferring from or transiting through Yemen) 
  • The business relationship between TNT Express and their customers plus the nature of the goods sent to or via the United States now determine what additional security measures will be applied to the consignments. 
  • Enhanced security measures for International Mail are different from security measures imposed on cargo.

EU: Security Measures

The European Union modified the entire EU Regulations and their outlook on Aviation Security in reaction to these incidents. All elements of the regulatory framework was revised and enhanced but more specifically, the new regulation introduced the concept of 'High Risk Cargo' and the methods and means to secure such parcels.

TNT advises its customers that shipments consigned to (or via) the EU may be affected by transit time delays as a result of the following changes to the EU regulatory framework:

  • A number of countries were identified as High Risk Countries and all parcels originating from those countries would have to go through enhanced security controls. 
  • If the integrity of the package is impaired, the parcel will have to pass through enhanced security controls.

TNT Customer Security Precautions

Please take a few small but effective steps to further ensure the safe, secure and timely transportation of shipments:

Provide a precise, full and accurate description of goods on the TNT consignment note, for all shipments carried by TNT, even when the shipment is transported within the EU or other free trade zones .

Provide full sender and receiver details on the TNT consignment note. This includes the full name and address of all involved parties (including paying and delivery customer if different from sender and receiver). 

Comply with relevant new and existing national and international regulatory requirements for transportation security.

Be vigilant to all matters involving the security of items transported, including checks on suspicious goods, packages, consignee names and addresses.

For information on our Enhanced Security Surcharge please click here