Below is a quick overview of events around the world that may cause delays to the delivery of your international shipments.

Bangladesh Strike - 15th February 2015

Please be informed that the political parties of Bangladesh have called for a 72 hour country wide strike starting from 6 am Sunday 15th February.
There will be no Vehicle movements on the roads, limited official activities and private offices, Banks, Shops etc will remain closed during the strike.

Lunar New Year in Vietnam - February 2015

Lunar New Year in Vietnam is from Mon (16/Feb) to Mon (23/Feb). Therefore, our Vietnam offices and warehouses will be closed during this time.

Chinese New Year - February 2015

China is celebrating the Lunar New Year from the 18th to the 24th of February and therefore the whole country is closed for imports and exports.

Shipments from the UK Mainland to the Channel Islands

You may be aware of the specific export requirements of HM Revenue & Customs when shipping out of the UK to the Channel Islands and are currently fulfilling these obligations, but just in case you’re not we wanted to let you know of the paperwork that we need from you for these shipments.

Because shipments to the Channel Islands are classed the same as shipping outside the EU, Shippers need to provide us with a Commercial Invoice with every parcel you send (unless documents) detailing the following information:

• EORI Number (VAT number and 3-digit suffix - e.g. GB123456789000) 
• Full name and address of sender
• Full name, address and phone number of receiver
• Full and accurate description of goods and/or tariff number
• Value for Customs’ purposes
• Special clearance instructions if applicable (e.g. Inward Processing Relief, Temporary Exports)
• 4 x signed copies of invoice

Please note it is a standard policy of TNT for all invoices to be signed by the sender.

In future, it will be necessary to keep any Jersey & Guernsey freight separate from the rest of your deliveries. This is required so that we can quickly complete the Customs formalities back at our local depot.

For high volume customers producing TNT routing labels on their freight this can be easily identified using the depot routing codes of 013 (or JER) for Jersey and 017 (or GCI) for Guernsey deliveries.

If your freight is normally sent on trailers directly to one of our domestic sortation centres then our local depot staff will be in touch shortly to discuss how the Channel Islands freight will be collected from you using a separate vehicle in order for us to take it back to our local site for Customs processing.

If you are already sending international freight via TNT then a pick-up will probably already be in place and the Channel Islands goods can go with this international freight, as this also needs to be processed separately back at the local collection depot.

In order to prevent any delay with your shipments please remember to provide us with all the necessary completed paperwork. We can then make sure that your consignment is processed and delivered on time.

For more information regarding Customs Requirements and Commercial Invoices click HERE