The People Network

At TNT, your people and your business are at the heart of everything we do.

Every day, we go to great lengths to connect people and businesses all over the planet.

Our Brand

At TNT we cater for everyone, whatever and however precise their requirements may be. Delivering millions of parcels, documents and freight consignments worldwide, our expert team treat each delivery with the care, attention and speed it deserves. Connecting people and businesses across the planet on a daily basis, we realise how important every package sent to your customers is.

Our range of services provide the perfect solution to all your delivery needs. From speedy express delivery that gets those last minute parcels to their destination on time to our airfreight option for sending huge deliveries overseas, the varied options make satisfying you and your customers achievable. Both parties are kept connected throughout the whole process thanks to our unified door-to-door network. From collection to delivery your consignment is in safe hands, with our online tracking tools keeping you well informed of its position from starting point to destination.

Putting your trust in us for deliveries allows you to spend more time and effort focusing on improving your business. We provide the confidence for you to accept urgent delivery requests from customers, no matter how large the package or wherever it’s heading. Our integrated network, including all the members of our team and yours, combine to deliver this on a daily, weekly and monthly time scale.

The People Network

At TNT customer care is pivotal for our business. That’s why your customer care contact takes a strong interest in you and your business, to discover what’s required in delivering the finest possible service. Connected to 58,000 other TNT employees all with the same aim of helping your company expand by getting documents, parcels and freights delivered on time; distance, borders, currencies, language and cultural differences are all easily overcome.

Working with customers ourselves we know that as well as having your deliveries arrive on time, the relationship with them is incredibly important. Along with parcels, documents and freights we also deliver special attention, care and respect to our customers. Carving out a great relationship is at the heart of our mission.
Priding ourselves on connecting people and their businesses across the planet to help them expand, making our service personal is the best way of achieving this. Which is why we call ourselves “The People Network”.

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