In addition to the standard features, we offer a range of optional extras. Just check the appropriate boxes in the online Send  tool, or ask our representative when you call.

Enhanced Liability

  • we offer coverage against physical loss or damage

Exceptional pick-up and delivery times

We can collect and deliver outside normal business hours, including:

  • after the end of the working day
  • delivery on weekends when necessary

Priority handling

Available on Express and Economy Express services.

The Priority label gives you and your customer extra confidence that your shipment receives priority attention throughout the delivery network.


We can provide standard TNT packaging for your shipments:

  • envelopes, satchels and tubes for documents of different sizes
  • boxes
  • bottlepaks for safe transit of liquid, such as wine in bottles


Check with your local representative for availability.

You may also be interested in our useful packaging tips section to ensure your shipment arrives in perfect condition.