The consignment note contains all the details about your shipment and accompanies the shipment throughout its journey.

Complete the consignment note clearly and accurately, particularly the sender and recipient name and address.

Consignment number

Every shipment is assigned a unique consignment number. It appears underneath the bar code on the top right corner of the note.

You can use these letters and numbers to track the status of your shipment through our tracking tool. Please make a note of your consignment number for future reference.

From top left
Section 1 - Sender's Account Number
Please enter your unique TNT account number in this section. If you haven't got an account number yet this will be created for you by our system.

Section 2 - Invoice to Receiver
If the Receiver is paying for the consignment charges, place a cross in this box and enter the Receiver's TNT account number. If you don't know the Receiver's TNT account number, please call your local representative. The Sender will be liable for any unpaid charges.

Section 3 - Customer Reference
This is your reference, it can be up to 24 characters long. It will be printed on the invoice and can also be used to track your consignment through our tracking system.

Section 4 - From (Collection Address)
Please write in your company name and collection address. Include the contact person's name and telephone number at the bottom of the section.

Section 5 - To (Receiver)
Please write in the receiver's name, address and the name and telephone number of the contact person. Please note: we cannot deliver to P.O. Box numbers.

Section 6 - Delivery Address
If the delivery address is different from the Receiver's address, please write in the delivery address, name and telephone number of the contact person. Please note: we cannot deliver to P.O. Box numbers.

Section 7 - Dangerous Goods
Please indicate if the goods are of hazardous nature by placing a cross in the relevant box. If you are intending to send dangerous goods, please call customer services to arrange a specialised collection.

UN number

The UN number is the classification for the type of dangerous goods being shipped.

Right Hand Side
Section 8a) - Services
Mark which service you require. Mark to indicate whether you are sending a document or non-document shipment. It is considered to be a document if your shipment only contains paper. If you aren't sure, please contact your local TNT representative for advice.

Section 8b) - Options
If you want Priority handling on our Express, 12:00 Economy Express and Economy Express services, please mark Priority here.

For Enhanced Liability, please write in the insured value and the currency.

Section 9 - Special Delivery Instructions
Write in any special delivery instructions you require.

Section 10 - Goods Description
Please write here:

- a general description of the contents of the shipment
- the number of items of same size and weight
- the weight in kilos and grams
- the dimensions in centimetres
- Please state customs statistical number when known

Section 11 - Dutiable Shipment Details
For dutiable shipments, please write in the VAT/TVA/BTW (tax) number of the receiver and provide the currency and the dutiable value of the consignment. (Please use the same amount as stated on the Commercial Invoice).


Bottom left
Your Signature

Please sign and write in the date.

Received by TNT
Our TNT driver will sign the consignment note and complete the date and time of collection. You retain the top copy of the consignment note for your reference.

Tracking number
The nine digit consignment number beneath the barcode is the number you use for tracking your shipment's progress.

TNT's Terms and Conditions
You can find TNT's Terms and Conditions on the reverse side of the consignment note.

Pre-print Consignment Note Service

TNT Hong Kong is committed to encourage the greater use of electronic services to protect the environment and we are always looking to explore and promote new environmental initiatives. 

To help accelerate the environmental reform, we would like to propose you an alternative that is more flexible to best suit your shipping needs. Making the shipping process simpler and quicker for you, we highly recommend you to use our feature-rich internet solution - myTNT. With this interactive system, you can manage all your shipping tasks right at your fingertips.

With the interactive system, you can:

  • Reduce administration time and eliminate paperwork
  • Increase the efficiency of your despatch procedures, by providing you with access to your own personalised shipping information
  • Store your most commonly used settings and addresses
  • Have access to personalised consignment tracking, pricing and transit times
  • Benefit of automated documentation, all designed to save you time

The current pre-print consignment note service will be ceased with effect from 1 May 2010. Please register myTNT to enjoy more convenience and help preserve the environment.

Should you have any questions, please contact our IT Support on 2331 4725 or Account Manager.