Key to Smoothen Customs Clearance
Provide Hong Kong Harmonized System (HKHS) Code & Goods Description

Following recent changes in China's customs regulation requiring declaration of Harmonized System (HS) Code and Goods Description on every import/export consignment effective from 1 July 2010, 27 European Union countries will fully implement a strengthened measure on customs clearance–Import Control System (ICS) strictly from 1 January 2011. Customs office will perform risk analysis based on the declaration prior to the arrival of goods while sensitive and targeted consignments will be identified by customs for specific action upon arrival.

TNT strives to provide you with dedicated delivery service ensuring your consignments to be delivered on time through smooth customs clearance. Hence, we prepare you herewith some tips for the preparation of Commercial Invoice:

    1.   Indicate Hong Kong Harmonized System (HKHS) Code    

Hong Kong Harmonized System (HKHS) Code is an 8-digit commodity classification system, with the first 6-digit aligned to a global standard of product classification, and the remaining 2-digit is Hong Kong specific. More than 200 countries and economies, including most of the Hong Kong's trading partners, are currently adopting HS code system, which acts as a "Common Language" in foreign trade. Under the circumstances of enhanced clearance measures worldwide, there has been a trend towards popularizing HS code system universally while numbers of countries are mandating HS codes to be indicated on import goods. Customs can accurately identify your “Non-document” goods according to the globally recognizable HKHS Code. This not only avoids unnecessary clearance delays, but also ensures that you get the accurate quotation of import duties or duty-free privilege for non-dutiable commodities.

For further enquiries on commodity code, please visit the following website:
or dial Census and Statistics Department's commodity code enquiry hotline: 3178 8933.

Starting from 1 January 2011, if the HKHS code is missing on the commercial invoice, we will input the code for TNT customers based on the declared goods description. TNT is not liable for any consequential costs caused by inappropriate declaration.

    2. Specific and Accurate Goods Description    

Goods Description should align with HKHS Code, based on specific and accurate wordings written in English. Clear identification of consignments can expedite customs clearance and quote duties accurately. Some good suggestions and recommendations of descriptions are shown below for your guidance:

Nature of Consignment How to write specific and accurate goods description
Accessory, part, spare part Specify the name, material used & purpose
Sample / Gift Specify the name
Electronic Parts / Spare Parts / Component / Accessories Specify the parts name & purpose
Printed Circuit Board Specify the product without any electronic parts

Textiles / Garment

Specify the name, material used, textiles structure and for which gender's uses. Need to specify the use of material, textiles structure and size if sending
Health product / toy / decoration / medical device / tools Specify the name, material used & purpose






Unclear Description Specific and Accurate Description
Agricultural Goods Fresh Apple
Accessory PVC Wallet
Advertising Goods Commercial Catalogues
Aid Consignments First-Aid Boxes and Kits
Aircraft Parts Deck-Arrestor for Aircraft
Animals Sheep, Live
Apparel 100% Cotton Woven Table Cloth
Appliances Electrical Hair Dryers
Articles Newspapers
Auto Parts Assemblies - Brake-Shoe, Auto Parts
Caps Swim Caps of 100% Silicone
Chemicals Acetanilide
Cleaning Products Liquid Detergents
Clothing / Cloths Ladies' 100% Cotton Knitted Culottes
Consolidated Personal Computer and Monitor
Decoration Wallpaper, Vinyl Coated
Document Journals
Electronic / Electronic Goods Electrical Rice Cooker
Equipment Visual Signaling Equipment
Food / Foodstuffs Sausages, Not Canned
Flooring Bamboo Flooring
Garments / Garments Sample Men's 54% Linen 46% Viscose Knitted Jumpers
General Cargo Plastic Rulers
Gifts Ornament of Pearl
Goods Porcelain Photo Frame
Household Goods Brooms
Instruments Magnetic Instruments for Detecting Defects in Materials
Iron / Iron and Steel Tubes of Cast Iron
IT Goods Laptop Computer
Leather Articles Purses of Composition Leather
Machine / Machinery / Machine Parts Bare Printed Circuits Boards
Medication Paracetamol
Medical Device Pacemakers, Cardiac
Pallet Pallets of Wood
Parcel Wooden Table
Part(s) Spare Parts of Bakery Machine
Personal Effects Men's Trousers (65% Wool 35% Polyester)
Personal Items Exercise Books
Pipe(s) Plastic Blister Tray
Plant(s) Sunflower Seeds
Plastic(s) PVC Packing Bags
Plastic Goods Plastic Buttons
Polyurethane Polyurethane Sponge Sheet
Present(s) Ladies' 100% Wool Knitted Scarf
Promotional Good(s) Brochures
Promotional Material(s) Metal Name Card Holder
Propellant Propellant Powers
Returns PVC Wallet (Returned Goods)
Rubber Articles Retreaded Tyres of Rubber
Rods Fishing Rod
Sample(s) PVC Shoes Sample
Sanitary Goods Tooth Brushes
Scrap Scrap of Stainless Steel
Souvenir(s) Iron Key Chain
Spare Part(s) Spare Parts for Automatic Dish Washing Machine
Spares Vacuum Pump Spare Parts
Steel Steel Container
Test Equipment Testing Paper Cutter
Test Samples Plastic Button Sample
Textile(s) 100% Cotton Shirts
Tiles Ceramic Roofing Tile
Tool(s) Metal Nut-Cracker
Toy(s) Metal Toys Car
Trade Sample(s) Metal Clips Sample
Various Products Stapler
Vehicle(s) Bicycles
Vehicle Spares Bars, Handle for Bicycles
Wire(s) Wire of Stainless Steel
Wooden Articles Cloth Hangers of Wood
NB: Goods description with less than 4 characters is not recommended.


TNT, as a world's leading express delivery service provider, is committed to provide you with professional advice on international express delivery. To ensure your consignments to be delivered on time through smooth customs clearance, we strongly recommend you to fill in the HKHS Code as well as the Goods Description accurately and completely on the Commercial Invoice.

Shall you have any enquiries, please call our Customers Services Hotline at 2331 2663.