When you open a myTNT account, you can manage and monitor every package you send in one place, online.

Free, easy and secure

You can have a myTNT account with us whether you send items frequently or infrequently. It's free to sign up and you don't have to install any software.

You access your new account home page from our secure website, from whatever PC or laptop you are using, wherever you are.

Advanced shipping for all

With a myTNT account you can:

  • set up a shared account for multiple users or individual accounts
  • store more than 2000 addresses for regular shipments
  • see your own shipping rates displayed when booking
  • print and sign documentation before pick-up, and hence reduce paperwork
  • receive email confirmation of your request
  • track and trace all shipments from one place
  • avoid installation and training cost
  • prepre airway bills and necessary documentation online
  • customise consignment entry screen through pre-defined details
  • check service availability and pincode details
  • enjoy peace of mind, as our encryption technology ensures safe and secure transactions over the internet

What do I need to start myTNT?

  • TNT account number
  • Valid email id, which will be used as a log-in name
  • PC with internet connection
  • Web browser (Netscape v4.0 or higher/ IE v4.0 or higher)

Please note, myTNT is currently not applicable for Import consignments

Click here to sign up for an account

To download a brochure about myTNT, click here

Our online technical support team in.cit@tnt.com is here to help when you open an account.