Archive and Records Services


Storing documentation on your own premises not only wastes valuable office space but also limits the growth of your business. TNT provides a totally secure off-site archiving solution using strategically located premises. Your documents can be accessed when you need them at any time of day and returned to you by fax, email via 'scan on demand' or have the originals returned immediately using our same day or next day express delivery services.

  • Strategically located storage premises
  • Safe and secure storage in permanently manned premises
  • Seamless transfer of documents and items
  • Full document lifecycle management from creation to secure destruction
  • Compliance with statutory customer and record document retention policies

Information Technology Data
Our archive services also provide secure off-site storage and protection of your digital information and IT backup data. If your data is ever lost or compromised you can rely on us to dispatch backups to your nominated site immediately.

Audio and Visual Media
We are one of the leading companies specializing in the storage of original audio and visual recordings. These often rare and delicate items need to be preserved in the correct environmental conditions to ensure they stay in their optimum condition.

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