The T1 document applies for goods produced outside the European Union, but are actually physically present within the EU borders and have not yet been cleared or re-exported. These goods are not part of free trade.

A T1 document is obligatory for shipping these not (yet) cleared goods within the EU.

If you need such document with a customs office in Luxembourg as destination, then TNT can replace this document for you.

TNT will make sure:

  • The T1 document is declared at customs 
  • All next steps till delivery following the shipment agreement are managed
  • Customs clearance is handled


  • Less tight guarantee conditions.
  • Less risk of fines and red tape by minimising the number of non-clearable T1 documents.
  • Less chance of mistakes whilst completing the form, and you can keep focus on your core business.

How to take advantage of this service?

You can request this service by simply indicating ‘Replacement T1’ in the ‘Special Delivery Instructions’ section on your consignment note or whilst booking electronically.