Reverse logistics has never been more important. Improving end-customer experience and satisfaction and increasing revenue from post-sales services are key business challenges.

Restructuring the reverse logistics footprint to reduce operational costs is likely to be very high on your company's agenda. And what about reducing inventory levels by getting your products back sooner?

Our solutions help you plan and implement reverse logistics solutions that save you time and money while improving customer service and end-customer experience.

Along with our extensive range of express services, TNT offers you unique solutions, to help you achieve an exceptional experience for your customers. Returns Express manages planned product returns for repair, replacement, recall and re-use. We help you control the entire return process.

We leverage our extensive operational capabilities to develop customised solutions to meet your specific needs exactly. We also provide a full range of value added services, such as:

  • Local collection of returnable products and forwarding on consolidated shipments to central repair
  • In-transit services, such as consolidation, parts registration, sorting and packaging solutions
  • Exchange services
  • Dedicated customer service desks.

Specific Returns Express Solutions

Return for Repair

Managing the return cycle of products returned for servicing or repair, including optional value added services such as central order intake, in-transit value added services and returns management.

Product Exchange
Managing the exchange of defective or recalled products for a new or replacement product. This includes optional value added services such as central order intake, product storage and returns management.

Product Loan
Managing the distribution of temporary replacement products or parts kits and recollection and return to warehouse when no longer needed by end customer.

Product Recalls
Managing the process of manufacturing recalls, including product screening, consolidation, and dispatch to repair centres or recycling centres.