ExpressShipper is an easy to use shipping solution designed for small to medium-sized enterprises by TNT.

Please note that to run ExpressShipper, you will need a PC running Windows 2000, XP or Vista (32 bit version).

Our ExpressShipper software enables you to check prices, create and arrange shipping or TNT consignments, track them, and much more. It provides all the benefits of a stand-alone PC application as well as web interfaces for the most up to date collection, pricing and tracking information.

Click here to download ExpressShipper and get to know the software.

To activate all its functions, please register now using the form below or return to this page later. Once your copy of ExpressShipper is installed and registered, you can check for the latest software updates directly from the application.

For more information on ExpressShipper, please contact our Customer Service at 1800-214 1111.