Understanding your invoice

Surcharges are additional charges that are mandatory and applicable to your TNT shipments.

When shipping consignments with TNT, the following surcharges apply:

Fuel surcharge

Due to continuing fuel price fluctuations, TNT applies an index-based fuel surcharge to all shipments. This approach provides our customers with a transparent charging mechanism for fuel costs. Click here for precise details of the applicable fuel surcharge in your region.

International Out-Of-Area surcharge

We provide collection and delivery services virtually anywhere you require. For certain remote and less-accessible locations and additional out-of-area surcharge is applied to cover additional costs incurred.

The Out-Of-Area Surcharge for the USA is currently $0.32 per lb. with a minimum charge of $32.00 per consignment.

> Download (PDF 4.4MB) our list of out-of-area postal codes

Consignment Pick up or Weekly Pick up

$3.20 per consignment or $13.00 per weekly invoice

Customer chooses the pick up fee option based on their shipment frequency (sender and receiver pays).

Enhanced Security Surcharge

$0.05 per lb.

Limits per shipment

Minimum charge: $0.75
Maximum charge: $15.00

Please note that charges are subject to change without notice.

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