As of 1st June 2009, TNT Express Vietnam will standardize the volumetric weight calculation for low-density packages. The cubic conversion factor will be changed from 167 to 200 and will apply to all TNT Express’ products:


How to Calculate Volumetric Weight




       Length x Width x Height (m) x 200




Why is the calculation ratio 200kg/m3 ?

Large lightweight packages are charged at their volumetric weight, namely upon the space that they occupy rather than their actual weight. For a number of years, it has been calculated by multiplying the physical dimensions of the consignment by 167 i.e: the volumetric weight in kg = L x W x H (m) x 167. In line with today’s advanced technology, the goods being transported have become lighter and more fragile requiring protective and bigger packaging which takes up more cargo space.

By applying a new conversion factor, we can be better optimize our aircraft capacity and deliver the benefits of space saving to our customer. We encourage shippers to improve packaging efficiency through the use of compact and environmentally-friendly packaging, thus reducing the shipment volume and subsequent shipping cost.

How does TNT determine the volume of a consignment ?

All consignments are passed through a volumetric scanner that weights and measures the volume as part of the handling process at the collecting depot. If the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight, the adjustment for chargeable kilos will be automatically recorded in our billing system.

Which services does the new CCF affect ?

Time definite services, International Express, Express Freight, Economy Express, Economy Freight, Domestic Services and Special Services.

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