IMPORTANT REMINDER: Harmonized System Code and Goods Description in Commercial Invoice

There are two items in the Commercial Invoice that you will need to accurately encode and complete in order for your shipment to be accepted by the Customs department of your shipment's destination. To do so means no further delay in the movement of your goods throughout the process.

Here are some tips to help you complete this section in the Commercial Invoice.

1. Harmonized System Code
Starting July 01, 2009, please provide the correct Harmonized System (HS) Code based on the specific description of your package (non-document). This is a 4-digit heading/6-digit subheading that is aligned to a global standard of product classification. Source is the Tariff & Customs Code; a book created by the Tariff Commission (

By providing the HS Code, you and your receiver will benefit from:
* Quick Customs clearance at destination
* Accurate quotation of import duties and taxes

2. Goods Description
Specific, accurate and written in English - these are the criteria of your Goods Description that you should follow so that your shipment does not encounter quarantine, delay or rejection by the Customs department of your shipment's destination. Some good (and bad) examples of descriptions are shown below for your guidance.

Not Acceptable



Sample swatch of faux crocodile leather


Roasted coffee beans


Brand new Acer laptop


Jacket made of corduroy; leather boots

Spare parts of engine

Ball bearing of transmission unit

Children's toy

Electronic gaming console (Wii)


Fermented vanilla beans

Personal effects

Comb, toothbrush, nail cutter

To further ensure that your non-documents or parcel shipments pass through the Customs process uninterrupted, please prepare four (4) ORIGINAL copies of the Commercial Invoice. If you are still uncertain or have any questions, please call our TNT Customer Service Hotline at (Metro Manila) 551-5632 or (outside Metro Manila) Toll-Free 1-800-10-551-5632 for appropriate advice.