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Track & trace

Being up to date on where your shipments are and when they will arrive means you can stay in control.

Our Track & Trace feature means that both you and your customers can access tracking data and plan ahead.

Shipment details

Having the ability to access up to date shipping details quickly and easily means you know what's happening with your shipment as soon as we do. Use the expandable timeline or map to see where your goods are and what steps are left for them to take.

Stay updated with notifications

You no longer have to look for information about your shipments - now it comes to you. Enable notifications for this app and we'll automatically let you know when the status of your shipment changes.


Knowing exactly when your goods will arrive and how much it will cost allows you to keep your customers happy and your finances in check. Get an instant online quote wherever you are and know exactly how much you'll be spending.

“The TNT app allows me to work on the go, meaning I can spend less time at my desk and more time where I need to be.”

- Suzan, Logistics Administrator



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