Take your business to the world

with intercontinental parcel shipping from FedEx and TNT


Reach customers faster than ever

We can reach more U.S. destinations faster than any of our competitors and import overnight from Asia.

Connect to more markets worldwide

Reach customers in 220 countries and territories on 700 flights and 55,000 road trips a week.

Speed through customs

Accelerate across borders with our online tools and fully managed customs-clearance services.

Gain visibility and control

Expert tracking tools let you ship confidently, knowing you can check your progress in near-real time.

Move faster, go further

Take your business to the world's most exciting markets with the combined power of FedEx and TNT. Whether you're looking at Asia, the U.S. or beyond, the coming together of the world's largest cargo airline and Europe's fastest road network means it's never been quicker or easier to import, export and expand your global growth. 

Ship to the world's fastest growing region

Exports from the EU to Asia grew by €54 billion in 2017, and imports by €78 billion2. As this market continuous to grow, so will the level of trade. With our unrivalled expertise, it's never been quicker or easier to take advantage of this rapidly growing market.

Ship to the world's largest economy

€935 billion1 is traded annually between the EU and the U.S. and there has been 20% growth in exports from the EU to the U.S. in the last 3 years2. With our unbeatable U.S. transit times, we're your best partner to explore opportunities for your business in this exciting market.

Explore what's possible with importing

The EU import market is booming with a €1,856 billion1 valuation that's growing every year. Count on our cross-border customs experts to handle your goods coming in from Asia and all over the world.

Explore the global possibilities


€3.7 trillion worth of global trade done last year1


€673 billion exports to Asia from the EU in 20172


€3.3 trillion value of U.S. trade with foreign countries in 20173

Latin America

Over €114 billion worth of exports to Latin America from the EU in 20172


€117 billion to €130 billion rise in imports from Africa to the EU between 2016-20172