At TNT, our focus is on you. We think about you and your business every day- about the challenges you face and how to best support your business for success. We listen to your feedback and improve our ways of working to make your life easier. That's why you can count on us as your trusted partner. And with our global network, plus our wide range of products and services, we truly are a one stop shop for all your shipping needs.

Rediscover what TNT can do for you

We understand your business never stands still.

So neither do we.

To ensure we meet your changing needs, we continuously improve our products, services, tools and processes.
That way, everyone here at The People Network can serve you better.

Dedicated service desks for international shipments

International Special Services

UK Same Day

Here at TNT, we have expert knowledge and experience of the potential challenges associated with international supply chain and global logistics. We appreciate that there are unique hurdles to overcome depending on which sector you work in. For instance we work closely with our customers in five different sectors, helping to identify their needs and priorities and making sure that we meet them.

Our International Special Services tailor TNT to you. We offer a range of different solutions to meet the most demanding or specific requirements:

For urgent deliveries within the UK we have a Same Day delivery service and can guarantee collection of your shipment within 60 minutes.

  • Automotive - As a car parts courier we can provide automotive supply chain solutions that keep your production line running and your customers happy.
  • High-Tech - Our high-tech and electronics supply chain responds promptly to both changing product specifications as well as the level of customer demand to ensure that you can meet your deadlines.
  • Healthcare - Medical logistics and supply chains are unique in their regulations and challenges. We offer a specialist medical transportation service and years of expertise to healthcare professionals to help them do their vital work.
  • Industrial - We have a dedicated industrial service team with a wealth of experience and local knowledge to ensure that you meet your customers’ needs.
  • Fashion and Lifestyle - We have a number of fashion industry logistics options no matter how big or small your fashion business. What’s more our expert staff and delivery teams have the skill, knowledge and professionalism you can count on.
  • Time Critical - When your delivery needs to be there as fast as possible or at a specific time, we have an extensive range of time-critical delivery services ranging from a dedicated vehicle to next available commercial flight as well as Special Express, a service tailored to your specific schedule.
  • Bulky - For large, awkward or bulky shipments our range of transportation methods means we can deliver whatever you need to send, no matter the size, weight or shape.
  • Secure - For highly confidential, fragile or sensitive items we have an extensive range of secure delivery services including dedicated vehicles, Special Express and a dedicated on-board courier who travels with your shipment for its whole journey.

We know that your business needs don’t stop. That’s why you can reach us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

UK Same Day Courier Service

  • From £15
  • Collected within 60 minutes
Image Alt
  • Nationwide and integrated network
  • Full flexibility
  • Delivering today from one of the UK's most trusted couriers from 80p per mile

If your shipment is confidential, valuable or requires special handling then we can tailor a solution to meet your exact needs.

UK Same Day + Courier Service

  • Dedicated direct delivery utilising a bespoke vehicle
  • Nationwide service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • GPS tracking
  • Fast response to meet critical deadlines

When you want choice

When you need control & visibility

When you want convenience

Choose from our wide range of services, providing you multiple timing and transport options. From personally tailored, specialised solutions to large scale standardised shipments, you'll always find the right service at the right price for your specific needs.

Manage your customer's expectations and monitor the progress of your shipments every step of the way. From our experienced customer service teams, to our online tools- you can trust us to handle more than just your consignment.

Let our integrated global network, streamlined systems and dedicated points of contact save you time and money- and make running your business easier.

Choose the speed in your supply chain at the right cost for you with our:

  • Time critical service
  • 9:00, 10:00, 12:00 Express services
  • Express service
  • 12:00 Economy Express service
  • Economy Express service
  • Special Services


Reduce your number of suppliers via our:

  • One integrated network
  • Integrated road networks
  • Full range of services, including Special Services
  • Global coverage with local expertise

Manage your customer's expectations and strengthen your reputation with our:

  • Customer Interface Technology solutions
  • Notification of potential shipping incidents
  • Service recovery solutions
  • Tracking system for all shipments


Retain peace of mind and control over the situation via our:

  • Customer Service Centre
  • Proactive communications, flagging service enhancements or challenges
  • Proof of Delivery images online
  • Self-service reporting (where available)


Reduce time and costs spent on invoice administration with:

  • One invoice for all customer shipments
  • E-invoicing


Enjoy ease of use with:

  • One invoice for all customer shipments
  • E-invoicing
  • Choice of interaction
  • Customer Interface Technology solutions
  • Flexibility of vehicles
  • Drivers always in your local area to collect your shipments
  • One pickup
  • Proof of delivery images online
  • Self-service reporting (where available)
  • Simple and quick access to Customer Service
  • Tracking system for all your shipments


Benefit from one supplier for your worldwide needs with:

  • One integrated network
  • One sales point of contact
  • Common processes
  • Full range of services
  • Global coverage with local expertise
  • Express Import
  • Worldwide presence


When you need expertise

When you need reliability

Overcome any challenge in your supply chain with our dedicated team of experts by your side. With over 70 years experience in logistics and transportation, our team will always find the most suitable solutions for any challenge you face. That's why we are The People Network.

Rest assured we have the right solution for you and will deliver your shipments as promised-whether it's just around the corner or halfway across the world. Trust us to take care of transportation, so you can focus on running your business successfully.

Retain peace of mind and reduce risks with the help of experts providing:

  • Customs expertise
  • Dangerous goods expertise
  • Expertise in export controls


Save time and costs to focus on your core business, and reach your objectives with:

  • One sales point of contact
  • Common processes
  • Corporate responsibility
  • First contact resolution with Customer Service
  • Innovative delivery solutions
  • Open communication culture
  • Proactive communication on service enhancements or challenges
  • Trained and solution-oriented staff


Create new business opportunities with our:

  • Customs and export controls expertise
  • High quality service
  • Special services
  • Worldwide presence
  • Time Critical service

Rely on us to find the right solution with our:

  • One integrated network
  • Customer Service centre
  • Full range of services, including Special services


Experience a true partnership with:

  • Global Reporting Initiative
  • Personal attention
  • Trained and solution-oriented staff


Retain peace of mind and reduce your risks through quality of service with our:

  • Accreditations
  • Common Processes
  • Compliance to rules and regulations
  • Contingency planning
  • Continuous improvement culture
  • Customs and export controls expertise
  • First contact resolution with Customer Service
  • Fit to travel programme
  • Integrated road networks
  • Open communication culture
  • Worldwide health and safety programme

Rediscover what TNT can do for you