Expresso Araçatuba rebrands to TNT Araçatuba

8 April 2010 – Expresso Araçatuba is set to rebrand and become TNT Araçatuba as a result of the ongoing integration of TNT’s operations in Brazil. The name change coincides with a technology upgrade and the implementation of barcode scanners for shipments tracking. TNT kicked off the rebranding at the 16th Intermodal South America (Sao Paulo, 6-8 April), the largest transport event in the Americas, with the presentation of a new orange truck. "Our goal is that clients identify TNT as a single point of contact for several transport services," said Roberto Rodrigues, country general manager of TNT Express Brazil. TNT Araçatuba, which has a strong presence in Brazil’s Central West and North regions, will sit alongside TNT Mercúrio, whose strongholds are in the South, Southeast and Northeast, and TNT Express. “This way we can combine TNT’s reputation in the international transportation sector with brands widely recognized in the domestic market,” said Rodrigues. TNT acquired Expresso Araçatuba in April 2009 to become the sole express integrator with a self-owned nationwide transportation network. TNT’s road service connects 5,000 Brazilian cities and six South American countries (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru).

Page publication date: 26 May 2011 0:31 CET