TNT helps develop sustainable trucks

17 May 2010 - In the last four weeks, TNT participated in a number of tests with aerodynamic SideWings which help reduce noise, CO2 emissions, and fuel consumption of trucks. These tests reiterate TNT's commitment to PART20, a platform which develops aerodynamic devices by combining the know-how of scientists from the Technical University of Delft with the practical experience from partners in the transportation industry. TNT is one of PART20's three founding partners. During the trials, TNT provided one ‘standard’ and one ‘streamlined’ truck which had an aerodynamic wing mounted to each side of its trailer to lower air resistance. On 21 April, the trucks took to the testing grounds in Lelystad (the Netherlands) to assess the benefits of the wings for CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Three weeks later, TNT sent the trucks to a deserted air base near the Hague where an ‘acoustic camera’ measured the sound production of the passing vehicles by translating them into colours, similar to the images produced by thermal cameras. The results are now evaluated by TNT’s science partners and will be used for the further improvement of the side wings.

Page publication date: 26 May 2011 0:31 CET