TNT Express to recognise top European drivers


5 October 2011 - TNT Express' best drivers from 13 countries will compete tomorrow at La Ferté-Gaucher race track in France during the European finals of the "Drive Me Challenge".

Yet speed isn’t what matters most. The competition will test drivers in their ability to combine customer service, safety and fuel efficiency. Participants will drive Peugeot Boxer L2H2 vans around a course that recreates real world tasks, such as collecting and delivering multiple parcels under tight deadlines.

Geoff Gittings, from TNT Express Services UK & Ireland, is returning for a third year.
He said: "We are not being asked to do anything different to what we do day in, day out whether you’re a driver, forklift truck operator or a loading bay officer. There might be added pressure because we are being judged, but there really is nothing to lose."

Over the last four years, the "Drive Me Challenge" has made TNT drivers more aware of their role in cutting fuel costs and pleasing customers.

Geoff, who progressed to the Drive Me Challenge Final after winning the UK Operational Excellence Competition last month, explained: "The Drive Me challenge makes you aware of things you might not notice during your normal everyday duties and it enables me to concentrate on the weaker parts of my driving."

Good driving practices make a huge difference. The winner of the 2010 European edition, a Dutchman, used 53% less fuel than the lowest ranked contender.

Page publication date: 05 October 2011 16:15 CET