TNT Express achieves 6% fuel savings with aerodynamic trailer tail


20 January 2012 – Using an aerodynamic trailer tail can cut truck fuel consumption by 6 percent. This is the result of a five month test performed by TNT Express in the Netherlands. TNT tested a trailer equipped with “EcoTail”, a foldable and retractable rear wing produced by the Dutch company Ephicas. TNT drove the vehicle every day between the towns of Ede and Duiven, which are separated by a distance of 26 km. The tests showed 1.65 liter of fuel saved per 100 km travelled at a maximum vehicle speed of 50 mph. Partner company Ephicas sought permission from the 'Dienst Wegverkeer' (RDW, the Dutch road traffic authority) to be able to run the TNT Express test program, since there is no length exemption for aerodynamic devices in the Netherlands.  After safety tests, the RDW allowed a temporary exemption.


Page publication date: 20 January 2012 12:00 CET