Innovative trailers for TNT Express Benelux


4 December 2013 - TNT Express has bought 61 new vehicles (44 trailers and 17 hangers) from Krone to replace part of its fleet in the Benelux. The new trailers are meant to reduce fuel consumption thanks to new technology.

Five of the new trailers come equipped with side wings designed by Wabco. Located along the bottom of the trailer, these side skirts improve air flow under the truck and reduce aerodynamic drag. Tests have shown they can allow a fuel-consumption reduction of 5%.

The efficiency of side wings is best when the trailer is used on long-haul operations and at full speed. When used on highways, they can deliver fuel-savings of up to 1.5 litres per 100 km. TNT Express will use the five new trailers for long-haul collection and delivery, for instance between Rotterdam and Liege. The company will consider their fuel effectiveness and decide on a possible wider use.

As an additional advantage, trailers fitted with side wings lessen the amount of splashing water during rain, thus improving the visibility of other motor vehicle drivers.


Page publication date: 04 December 2013 10:45 CET