Low-carbon fleet for TNT Express UK & Ireland


Alistair Cochrane, Managing Director TNT UK & Ireland, with new low-carbon fleet

22 October 2013 - TNT Express Services UK & Ireland is renewing it fleet of collection and delivery vehicles. Featuring a more aerodynamic body design, the 300 new vehicles provide reduced fuel consumption without impacting the volume of goods being carried.

The fleet renewal programme began in late July 2013. Over the last two months the new low-carbon vehicles have been replacing old vehicles on a one to one basis as they come to the end of their operating life. A total of 261 7.5 tonne vehicles have been ordered from DAF, MAN and Iveco, with a further 39 12 tonne vehicles purchased from Iveco. To date, 200 new vehicles have been delivered.

The revision in body design has resulted in a sleeker, more aerodynamic body which reduces drag. The introduction of plastic to the body construction has also reduced the overall weight of the vehicle by 200kg. These improvements in both reduced drag and body weight will result in improved fuel consumption on a like for like basis.


Page publication date: 22 October 2013 15:50 CET