TNT Express drives world’s first attention powered car


2 December 2013 - TNT Express is supporting the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) of Western Australia’s campaign to raise awareness about the consequences of inattention while driving. Murray Henderson, a driver from TNT Express’ Perth depot, test drove the RAC’s Attention Powered Car on the third leg of a 1100km road trip around southern Western Australia.

The Attention Powered Car is a specially prepared Hyundai i40. Its speed depends on the driver’s level of attention, which is measured by a neuro-technological headset designed by the company Emotiv. The headset monitors brain activity with 14 sensors detecting neural sleep patterns, eye and head movements, blink rate, and other indicators revealing the driver’s level of concentration on the road.

Murray was selected by the RAC due to his outstanding driving record with TNT Express as winner of the company’s 2012 national eco-driving challenge in Australia. “I’ve been driving for most of my professional life so I have seen what one second of inattention can do. That’s why I wanted to be a part of this campaign to raise awareness and potentially save lives,” he said.

According to the RAC, in 2012 inattention was responsible for 12% of all road fatalities in Western Australia.

Watch Murray driving the Attention Powered Car here.


Page publication date: 02 December 2013 16:45 CET