TNT Express ensures special delivery to cruise ship


10 September 2013 - TNT Express’ Special Services recently performed a particularly time-sensitive delivery for the German temperature sensor technology designer and manufacturer Thermokon, which required a personal delivery to a large cruise ship docked in Cadiz, Spain, from its headquarters in Mittenaar, Germany.

This delivery was a room temperature control device necessary to ensure a comfortable temperature throughout the vessel. Delivery was needed before noon the next day to enable the ship to embark on an extensive voyage across the Atlantic. It would not have been possible for the ship to make its entire voyage without the new sensor.

For Thermokon’s delivery, Special Services personnel at TNT Express Germany’s Siegen branch selected the product Special Express, using the TNT Express European Air Network with final delivery via TNT Express Special Services in Spain. The driver made the delivery to the ship mechanic in person for immediate installation.

“Our Special Services capabilities enabled this fast delivery while the ship was still docked – the ideal situation. But if for some reason we had not been able to deliver at the port, we would have delivered by helicopter at sea," notes Martin Reder, Director of Special Services & Value Added Services, TNT Express Germany. Special Services always offers the possibility of air delivery when necessary.

TNT Express’ Special Services portfolio is positioned to cover these types of complex deliveries with requirements that go beyond its network. Special Services includes a suite of Time Critical, Freight and Value-Added services for domestic and international destinations worldwide. “It’s a significant part of our business, an important add-on to our offer to customers, with tailored solutions for key vertical markets,” says Stuart Stobie, TNT Express Director of Special Services.


Page publication date: 10 September 2013 10:45 CET