TNT Express tests combined use of rail and road for inner London deliveries


5 June 2014 - TNT Express UK&Ireland has tested a train from Rugby to London’s Euston Station, with final delivery to inner city businesses by road. The trial, run in conjunction with Colas Rail, Network Rail and Transport for London, saw a specially-commissioned train carrying tonnes of supplies from leading UK retailers/ manufacturers Staples and Bristan, arriving into London during the night of 4 to 5 June. The goods were sorted in a special operation on the platform side and delivered to hundreds of stores and suppliers throughout the British capital by electric and zero-emission delivery vehicles.

Ian Wainwright, Head of Freight and Fleet at Transport for London, said: "This new trial will help in understanding how major cities can re-integrate this delivery option along with the recent growth in rail passenger journeys, helping to shift freight back onto the rails and free up local roads while reducing emissions by using the cleanest vehicles available." The trial is one in a series of projects to encourage sustainable city logistics options in moving freight.


Page publication date: 05 June 2014 11:00 CET