TNT Express and FHI join efforts to facilitate Dutch high tech exports


15 April 2014 - TNT Express and FHI, the federation of Dutch technology industries, have signed an agreement to facilitate Dutch high tech exports. According to a recent poll among FHI’s member companies, a majority (61.8 percent) already export their products or services, compared with 10% of Dutch companies overall. Germany and Belgium are the main export partners. FHI’s members, who operate in industries such as medical technology, industrial electronics and industrial automation, also see growth opportunities in the UK, China and the US. About 17 percent of the companies polled manufacture overseas, but are "re-shoring" back to Europe.

FHI's 650 member companies may take advantage of special offers from TNT Express when shipping abroad.

The results of the poll are available here.

Willem Prinsen, MD TNT Express Benelux (L) shakes hands with Kees Groeneveld, FHI, on 7 April 2014


Page publication date: 15 April 2014 13:30 CET