TNT rolls out bikes in Turin


3 November 2015
 - TNT Italy last week introduced five cargo bikes to make small parcel deliveries in Turin’s city centre. The bikes are replacing three vans previously used for delivery in the restricted traffic area of the town’s centre. The solution is expected to provide the same level of productivity, while cutting CO2 emissions by 50 kilo a day, or 12.6 tons a year.

Each bike can carry up to 180 kg including the rider. Each rider has been trained to cycle an average of 28 km per day and make about 90 daily deliveries. The cargo bikes have been designed and are operated by Pony Zero, a Turin start-up. TNT has made bike deliveries in Milan since April 2015. The company also uses electric tricycles in Padua and Vicenza, as part of its city logistics solutions.


Page publication date: 03 November 2015 11:30 CET