TNT exclusive transport provider for Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 Footwear


3 December 2015 –  TNT has been awarded a contract from the online retailer Portugal Footwear to ship the full range of Cristiano Ronaldo’s CR7 Footwear to customers worldwide. Introduced in 2015, the CR7 Footwear collection reflects the famous footballer’s passion for style, performance and excellence.

The contract makes TNT the exclusive transport provider for the brand. Almost all CR7 footwear is exported, mainly to the Middle East. All the shoes are made in Portugal. TNT collects the shipments at Portugal Footwear’s logistics centre in Vila Nova de Gaia, in northern Portugal, and delivers them worldwide. The whole range of footwear – from loafers to brogue boots – travels through TNT’s network.

“With TNT’s cooperation we were able to install a system that ensures complete traceability and high efficiency to ship internationally, from the moment customers place orders until the moment they are received,” says João Machado, Operations Director of CR7 Footwear.

For instance, all customs procedures are initiated as soon as a customer places an order, so each shipment can be exported the same day it is collected. When emergency or late collections are required, Portugal Footwear can contact TNT’s drivers directly.

Paulo Gonçalves, CEO of Portugal Footwear, says: “Since day one, TNT has been on the front line, and the most visible face of our online business. In such a sensitive time as the launch of a brand, associated with one of the world’s greatest names, we have to compliment TNT on the fantastic service. If we are growing on a daily basis, that’s in part due to TNT’s overwhelming efficiency.”


Page publication date: 03 December 2015 10:00 CET