TNT transports Treasures of Romania


Gold Pathera of Pietroasa Thesaurus (a sacrificial dish, with a seated three-dimensional woman in the centre, thought to be a fertility goddess)
Muzeul National de Istorie a României, expozitia "Comorile României"
The National History Museum of Romania, exhibition "Treasures of Romania"

2 February 2016
–  TNT has safely transported 445 valuable artefacts from Bucharest to Beijing, where they will be featured in the exhibition “Treasures of Romania”. The precious objects will be displayed at the National Museum of China from 29 January until 8 May 2016, then travel to the Sichuan Province Museum in Chengdu for another three-month show.

TNT’s Special Services team in Romania worked with The National History Museum of Romania and Ministry of Foreign Affairs to arrange the transport’s special requirements. The objects travelled via a direct, dedicated 10-hour flight, and TNT provided around-the-clock assistance and particularly high security. The People Network will transport the objects back to Romania after the exhibitions.

The pieces – which include stoneware, ceramics, gold and silver ware, glass ware, wooden ware, mural paintings, manuscripts and textiles – were gathered from different museums across Romania. They provide a panoramic view of the achievements of the Romanian nation from it pre-historical civilization to early modern culture.

“These are some of our country’s most precious objects,” says Ciprian Popescu, Special Services Manager, TNT Romania. “They were crafted by skilled hands during thirty millenniums of Romanian history. We’re proud to support their journey to China.”


Page publication date: 02 February 2016 13:10 CET