Press Release

TPG Executive Vice President intends to step down

Publish Date : 16 June 1999 at 08:57 CET - Ad Scheepbouwer, chairman and CEO of TNT Post Group N.V. (TPG), today announced that Mr. John A. Fellows, (53), Executive Vice President of the company's Express Business, has expressed his intention to return to his native North America for personal reasons and to step down from his position as a member of the TPG Board of Management.

In 1992, Fellows joined GD Express Worldwide, a global express company in which PTT Post and TNT shared interest. He was appointed chief executive officer in 1994. In 1996, PTT Post acquired TNT and became sole shareholder of GD Express Worldwide, and Fellows subsequently joined the company's Board of Management.

TPG is working to fill the vacant Board of Management position and expects a decision very soon.

Page publication date: 16 June 1999 at 08:57 CET