Press Release

TPG has trouble-free millennium rollover

Publish Date : 3 January 2000 at 14:28 CET - The millennium rollover passed off without problem at TPG. All parts of the global company withstood the millennium test with flying colours. The company's operational processes functioned as normal both in the Netherlands (notably at PTT Post) and elsewhere in the world.

In the first tense hours of the new millennium, TPG conducted extensive testing in various areas of the organisation to demonstrate that months of effort in the run-up to the millennium rollover had produced the desired result. It was clear after only a few hours that operational processes were working impeccably in virtually all areas of TPG's business.

TPG was not hampered appreciably by external factors. The company can offer its customers the agreed level of service, even though the rollover was not universally successful in all parts of the world.

TPG's successful rollover means that mail will be delivered as usual in the coming days. TPG's other divisions – Express (expedited delivery of parcels and documents) and Logistics (stock management and goods transport for companies) - were fully operational on Sunday 2 January just as on any other Sunday.

Page publication date: 3 January 2000 at 14:28 CET