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TNT Express launches secure electronic document service to add instant delivery to Express portfolio

Publish Date : 15 May 2000 at 12:38 CET - TNT, the global express carrier, today launched SecurEdoc, secure express delivery over the Internet. SecurEdoc is the instantaneous and secure electronic alternative to Express document delivery and strengthens TNT as the fastest and most reliable provider of express delivery services.

The new product has been launched internationally as TNT Express targets large predicted growth in demand for the use of e-mail and secure e-mail services. By 2002 it is estimated the global e-mail market size will be 7.9 billion messages a day¹, with "a potential market value for electronic document distribution of $10 billion" by the end of 2001².

The SecurEdoc electronic document technology has been developed by TNT Express in partnership with leading US software company, NetEx, and is operated through a dedicated web site at The service not only dramatically reduces the delivery time and cost of physical distribution but also overcomes the limitations of using standard e-mail packages. As well as providing a high level of encryption (128-bit), SecurEdoc does not have document or file size restrictions. SecurEdoc software enables bulky graphics, text and attachments to be sent at high speed. The capability for secure archiving on the website also means that a customer can access saved files anywhere in the world simply from a computer with Internet facilities.

Alan Jones, Group Managing Director Express, TNT Post Group, identified the importance of the new product: "Customers in our marketplace demand convenience, fast service and reliable delivery. At its most simple level SecurEdoc is an instant delivery service. What we have introduced is the fastest secure way to send a document and the most efficient confidential form of archiving. Our service is free for the first megabyte per month and offers a brand new value-for-money method of sending documents. For TNT, this is the natural progression in reducing transit times - from two-day to overnight to sameday services - and achieves our goal to offer customers the fastest and most reliable service."

The SecurEdoc fast and secure transmission is available at a price that is extremely competitive with other less reliable or slower forms of delivery. The product is a logical service extension to the fast and reliable physical distribution services already provided by TNT. The company is targeting industries in the legal, financial, IT and media sectors where there are demands for regular distribution of documents, issues of confidentiality, or the need to send large electronic files.

¹Source: IDC ²Source: InfoWeek

Page publication date: 15 May 2000 at 12:38 CET