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TNT Express to offer highest standards of information security

Publish Date : 4 July 2002 at 14:15 CET - TNT Express, through its parent company TPG, has become one of only 90 companies in the world and the first in the transport sector to be awarded the British Standard 7799:2 Certificate.

TPG Information Systems Awarded BS 7799:2 Certification

The BS 7799:2 is an increasingly important standard for information security that is fast becoming the benchmark requirement for international blue chip companies dealing with outside suppliers.

The BS 7799:2 certification signals that TPG Information Systems (TPG IS) has attained the highest standards of systems security not just for its global information technology but throughout the organisation by promoting a culture of security awareness amongst employees. Although it applies to every area of the TNT Express business, the certification has particular relevance for its Worldwide Data Centre, which houses high speed enterprise servers. The servers are able to process 1.6 billion instructions per second, can track 600,000 international consignments nightly and provide information that can be accessed by customers and staff around the globe. By certifying that this system is secure, TNT Express can be confident that any global function controlled by the Data Centre is protected.

To be awarded the BS 7799:2 certificate TPG IS fulfilled each criteria in a comprehensive independent assessment by SGS Yarsley Ltd. These criteria are designed to protect a company from threats whether internal, external, accidental or malicious and include a full range of security policies and procedures. Areas included in the assessment range from physical security measures to protect from the risks of third party intrusion and the protection of information assets, to personnel screening and the security of power supplies, cabling and network services. This is particularly relevant to the company's integrated technology that allows a client to directly access the wide range of TNT Express facilities through their own interface.

Until now, when tendering for contracts with major global companies, time consuming security checks would need to be carried out. Now that TNT Express displays the BS 7799:2 Standard, negotiations are speeded up and partners and potential customers can be confident that the highest standards of security implementation are in place.

Dennis Beard, Infrastructure Services Director at TNT Express commented:

"We are delighted to be one of such a select group of companies who have achieved this standard. The focus on information security is a serious consideration for companies doing business with one another in today's competitive environment. TNT Express has always had excellent security systems and leading edge technology. However, we recognised some time ago that major international customers would view the BS 7799:2 as a prerequisite before entering into any partnership and therefore we made the commitment to achieve this. This standard represents a major milestone for our company and reflects a significant investment in time and effort, enabling us to underpin the TNT Express vision to be the fastest and most reliable provider of express delivery services."

Page publication date: 4 July 2002 at 14:15 CET