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TNT Express Boosts North American Express Services

Publish Date : 23 October 2002 at 12:14 CET - TNT Express, the world's leading business to business express carrier has unveiled faster services between Europe and the USA and Canada by introducing improved next day deliveries to nine business centres* across North America, including New York, Washington, Chicago and Toronto.

The enhanced service to North America is the result of new block space agreements on B747 aircraft operated by Polar Air Cargo which fly direct six times a week between the TNT Express European Hub in Liége, Belgium and
JFK International Airport, New York.

Using flights that leave Liége 30 minutes later each week day and arrive 90 minutes earlier than before in the USA, TNT now offers even faster and more reliable connectivity to the major financial and business centres across North America. Further cities including Los Angeles, Miami and Montreal will benefit from the faster express servicesprovided by TNT in the coming months.

The Polar Air Cargo staff at JFK and TNT Express staff on both sides of the Atlantic are also ensuring improved handling procedures add to the success of the new service. Polar Air Cargo operates a continuous loop of trans-Atlantic rotations with two rather than one aircraft on the route and this arrangement minimises the chances of service disruption.

Alan Jones, Group Managing Director TNT Express said, "TNT Express continues to grow in both strength and reach across the world and we are ahead of schedule in increasing our business to business next day services to the USA and Canada. TNT Express has led the European delivery market for many years which has meant that the industry has not been as aware of our North American services so these new daily scheduled connections show that we are increasingly a company to be reckoned with on transatlantic routes."

* Improved North American Destinations *
Boston, MA
Greenwich, CT
New York, NY
Baltimore, MD
Washington, D.C.
Chicago, IL
Newark, NJ
Philadelphia, PA
Toronto, Canada

Page publication date: 23 October 2002 at 12:14 CET